sábado, 28 de abril de 2007

Wondering Ways

Wondering ways of solitude and literature I was.

Another side of the international exchange IF . In Halifax, United Kingdom. April 2007

This is the personal view of E.F.Effe. It is supposed to be a photoblog of the Second International Exchange IF(Immersion into Families) which has just been from the 18th of April of 2007 up to the 25th of the same month. However, keep in mind that this blog is personal, the work of a man who loves photography, literature, English language and something else.
E.F.Effe is inside this photoblog. He confesses to be an anglophile.

Savile Park is a huge park, beautiful. The Crossley Heath School enjoys it even on Sundays

This fabulous park is next to The Crossley Heath School. The rules of this school contemplate loving and taking care of the enormous garden. I witnessed three days ago groups of students picking and collecting litter into big bins in the school area.
Nice people, aren´t they?

Centro de Estudios CEI and The Crossley Heath School do the international exchange for a second time

Our school is in the south east part of Spain, in Murcia.
We belong to Centro de Estudios CEI. Our Headmaster supports this experience of international exchange.
In the picture we can see the English students taking part in the exchange; who will arrive at Murcia around the 9th of June(the special day of the Comunidad de Murcia) and our Spanish students.
The students from our school are in 3º ESO groups. They would be in Year 10 if they studied in England.

A dream came true. I walked around the village of Emily and Charlotte Brönte

I was at Haworth where Emily and Charlotte Brönte lived. I felt myself cool, ace, bad.
The nice couple took me there.
From the side where this photo has been taken, a very cheerful man offered us three a place with nice sights to have lunch. And there we had lunch. A good place to have a meal .
After Shakespeare´s Romeo and Juliet, nothing is as romantic as Wuthering Heights by Emily Brönte. It is a wonderful love story of Heathcliff and Cathy.
I took the title for this blog from the novel written by Brönte. My blog is named after her novel: Wondering Ways.

Under the rose, with Brönte´s blessings, the gorgeous couple

Simon and Claire took me there. They were excellent friends.
I hope we are good mates forever.

Slow train coming(Bob Dylan)

There, we took a steam train, and Simon felt fascinated with the world of trains.
It is an old story of his ancestors.